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2018 U.S.A. Songwriting Competition


'It's The Little Things'  and 'Reassure Me' each landed in the top ten finalist lists for Novelty/Comedy and Lyrics, respectively. 

'It's The Little Things' went on to receive the only Honorable Mention in its category (there were 20 honorable mentions over 15 categories), behind Novelty/Comedy winner 'All The Creeping Things' by Justin Seagrave.

Official video!!! 


How do you deal with a sociopath?  Especially when they have an affinity for Wile E. Coyote and happen to be your co-worker?  Inquiring minds want to know. 


In collaboration with the amazing creative minds at 3:AM Design in Toronto, who specialize in animation, we came up with this throw-back idea!  The video is now public on YouTube.  The direct link is:, or you can see it right here!

Radio Promotion

Music Media Network, a radio promotions company based in Toronto, ran a six-week campaign for me in the Spring of 2018.  The songs received airplay on radio programs in the USA and Canada, and also in Australia, New Zealand, throughout Europe, Africa (Multi-Channel Radio Network), Columbia, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Singapore!


"A phenomenal vocalist with enchanting, irreverent original material!"

~ Verna Chan, Coordinator, Gibsons Music in the Landing series ~

"What a clean, clear and powerful voice!"


~ Greg Goodfellow, WRSG 91.5 FM, WV, USA ~

"Love your music.  Great vocals and witty, quirky lyrics and sweet melodies."


~ All Types Of Kinds - Alternative band from New York, NY ~

"Love these songs and this awesome voice!  5/5"


~ Mai Larsen, Nashville TN Countryradio Live

"This resonated big time with me... smashing words."  


~ Mandy Morrow, Radio Wey, Surrey, UK ~

"Truly refreshing"

       ~ Joseph Nowacki, CHCR-FM

      102.9 FM - Pembroke, Canada ~

  "Aaah, there is still good music."

~ Uwe Golz, Deutschlandradio, Germany ~

"Just a tad sultry and smooth, with a touch of old school Eartha Kitt."


~ dgranvill001, Radio Airplay listener ~

"Wow.  Lyrics, vocal, melody line, arrangement: superb!  This makes me want to become a better songwriter."


~ Dave Daniel, Singer-Songwriter, Tulsa, Oklahoma ~

"Alluring vocals set off by gorgeous, simple arrangements."


~ John Sillberg,

CKOL 93.7, ON, Canada ~

"Well, THIS is a nice breath of fresh air"


~ Wendell, Singer-Songwriter, Ellonton FL ~

"A great mix of songs on this album, superb voice!" 

~  Drew, MAD FM Worldwide, New Zealand ~             

"Beautiful, haunting voice"


~ Raúl J. Tejeiro, Top Country Hits, Montevideo, Uruguay

"Left me

wanting more"


~ Kev Walker,

The Cat 107.9FM,

Cheshire, UK

"This is amazing. 



~ Susan Schwarz,

Platinum Rye

Entertainment VP,

New York ~

"A fantastic voice which presents a very enjoyable album."


~ Mike Fulton, Radio Belfast ~

“VARIETY is the spice of music and the new album, Hopscotch, by Katrina Bishop has plenty of it.


The songs are well crafted, harmonies superb and musicianship superb.


Bishop crosses over into many genres of music on this album so there is something for everyone's taste.  My favourite is the up tempo Invisible, but Rocket Launch, Knock Down Dirty Fight and the title track are also worthy of special mention.


The band of skilled musicians bring another dimension to this most enjoyable CD.


This album contains the important ingredients a lot of today's music lacks: structure, good lyrics and arrangements and interesting chord progressions hidden in simplicity.


         ~ JOHN HOLDEN, The Lunch Break, 2BACR FM100.9, Sydney, Australia ~

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